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Gordon's Guide To Bacon

Gordon's Guide To Bacon

14 dagen geleden

  1. skeletonsaturday

    skeletonsaturdayUur geleden

    Who else thought Gordon was gonna throw the pasta at the wall to see if it was done?

  2. AerialSong

    AerialSongUur geleden

    tonite on bo'om geah hammond gets his pinkie toe clipped off by a lobster jeremy is allergic to shellfish and james steals gordon's liver to sell to the deep web's Food Wars site

  3. Marko Drljaca

    Marko DrljacaUur geleden

    Why does he keep jumping around like a fucking crackhead


    TV DONGPIGUur geleden

    Wow its me dongpig how is going come again love to your video, hope you make super one again love you

  5. Ridho Winanto

    Ridho WinantoUur geleden

    Onde f*cking mande


    FOX MULDERUur geleden

    British people make the best critics, because they're so good at whingeing

  7. nadine gordon

    nadine gordonUur geleden

    When he fed the dog the bread was he checking the dogs pulses to see if he was died🤣😂🤣

  8. Brady Blough

    Brady BloughUur geleden

    Gordon is rocking the dad bod nowadays.

  9. AAA Yerus

    AAA YerusUur geleden

    This is an insult to Italy!

  10. Riyan Farooq

    Riyan FarooqUur geleden

    that kitchen is perfect

  11. Andrew Bell

    Andrew BellUur geleden

    Bear Grylls and Gordon Ramsay collab?

  12. Chris Chan

    Chris ChanUur geleden

    in 28 yrs i have never found a vegetable that haven't disgusted me...but this, just looking at it, i know im gonna love the Indian food wtf

  13. Coffee Bea

    Coffee BeaUur geleden

    The last scene was full of hypocripsy

  14. Sigma Unknown

    Sigma Unknown2 uur geleden

    After being the first person to respond to a situation like this at work I have insane amounts of respect for how quick Gordon responded with a plan, when you are in a situation like this its hard to keep a level head

  15. king james488

    king james4882 uur geleden

    there was more gordon ramsey in the damn ad than this video >.>

  16. Heidi E

    Heidi E2 uur geleden

    Drinking straight from the pitcher is so nasty

  17. Vincent Fernandez

    Vincent Fernandez2 uur geleden

    This is a must watch episode. Gordon at his very best.

  18. XS XYZ

    XS XYZ2 uur geleden

    Gordon don’t like animals.. 1.Fuckin Pigeon 2.Fuck off Fly

  19. tasmin james

    tasmin james2 uur geleden

    Two words:Nightmare fuel 😳😳

  20. Haysen To

    Haysen To2 uur geleden

    2021 and his oldest son is now a royal marine

  21. Juggernautzee Sam

    Juggernautzee Sam2 uur geleden

    no one likes gordon ramsey

  22. junejewel

    junejewel2 uur geleden

    LOVE Sheldon!!!

  23. paenutz

    paenutz2 uur geleden

    ofc the racemixer restaurant has aggro service xd

  24. AveRay

    AveRay2 uur geleden

    I wonder why they reupload old videos..?

  25. iAmBloxy

    iAmBloxy2 uur geleden

    I like how Gordon is old but he's still strong

  26. Belpheslaytallica

    Belpheslaytallica2 uur geleden

    30:05 Does Gordon have his own books blurred in the background of his own office? Kinda odd but I'm nid picking 😆

  27. Savannahlamar

    Savannahlamar2 uur geleden

    I just had the rice the way he made it, with the Staranis and Cardamon, and it was sooo delicious, thank you for that #GordonRamsey

  28. Derek Lloyd

    Derek Lloyd2 uur geleden

    Who actually has left over wine?? Empty bottles..YES

  29. Arbin Ale

    Arbin Ale2 uur geleden

    Buddha was born in Nepal

  30. Arbin Ale

    Arbin Ale2 uur geleden

    Buddha was born in nepal

  31. Arbin Ale

    Arbin Ale2 uur geleden

    Buddha was born in nepal

  32. Khareena🦋

    Khareena🦋2 uur geleden

    Gordon needs the Ove Glove 🧤

  33. Renatu's Gaming

    Renatu's Gaming2 uur geleden

    this is honing, not sharpening. Doing this 1000 times or more on a really dull knife will never give a new edge. Honing is getting razor sharp after you used a sharpener or a whetstone.

  34. Raynman Plays

    Raynman Plays2 uur geleden

    "There's no such thing as a fresh burger, at least here in Eastern Washington. We cannot get fresh." I can get fresh chicken, beef, pork, and lamb in the middle of the Nevada desert. This guy is not only surrounded by cattle ranches, but is 10 miles from Montana and can't find fresh ground meats? That's next-level incompetence. And just to be sure, I went to Eat Wild. There's crazy amounts of farms selling high-quality beef and lamb in Eastern Washington. There's no way he can't get it fresh.

  35. Almendra Rossell

    Almendra Rossell2 uur geleden

    Holis soy de Perú wiii

  36. pTah's Live Cop

    pTah's Live Cop2 uur geleden

    The bumpy rocket optionally hunt because floor transmurally breathe during a fallacious nail. successful, volatile dipstick

  37. Timothy Frazer

    Timothy Frazer2 uur geleden

    Are you fucking kidding me 》:/

  38. NoICe!!

    NoICe!!2 uur geleden

    "You fcking donutt!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Enzo Taylor

    Enzo Taylor2 uur geleden

    bold of gordon to name it "infamous moment", then show 45 minutes edit: I watched it all

  40. Kimmy Bratty Bitch

    Kimmy Bratty Bitch2 uur geleden

    Poor Gordon always orders calamari and crab cakes and they are always shit!

  41. Vincent Fernandez

    Vincent Fernandez2 uur geleden

    After watching so many nightmares it’s good to watch some success. Feels good.

  42. AK13

    AK132 uur geleden

    200 Celsius? so like 400 Fahrenheit?

  43. Judi Thomas

    Judi Thomas2 uur geleden

    Get rid of her

  44. Vincent Fernandez

    Vincent Fernandez2 uur geleden

    I would give nearly anything to ride on that coach. Wow what a dream.

  45. Karthik Subramanian Krishnan

    Karthik Subramanian Krishnan2 uur geleden

    Looks like the girls are just filming to make fun of dad. Almost as if they were waiting for him to burn something or make a mistake 😂

  46. iAmBloxy

    iAmBloxy2 uur geleden

    *Duck Season IRL*

  47. John Taylor

    John Taylor2 uur geleden

    Well done Gordon. You are raising up your children well.

  48. 80sMeavyHetal

    80sMeavyHetal2 uur geleden

    Total amount of oil for three pancakes: only 400ml

  49. Naval Commander

    Naval Commander2 uur geleden

    My 1st bucket list is to taste Gordon Ramsay's food

  50. Ian Torres

    Ian Torres2 uur geleden

    Yeah she’ll consume the whole burger

  51. Alex Youngberg

    Alex Youngberg2 uur geleden

    *Hot tip:* *If someone asks you if you have been drinking it's almost always based on smell and not how you're acting..*

  52. C. L.

    C. L.2 uur geleden

    Is that prison or summer camp ? Go to California visit a state prison if you want to see what a prison is like

  53. Jaiden Paskanik

    Jaiden Paskanik2 uur geleden

    4:12 I’m sorry but when it cuts to him and he sniffs at the end 😂

  54. Paolo Belloli

    Paolo Belloli2 uur geleden

    Fast & confident = Aaron Fast & nervous as under the effect of cocaine and/or meth = Gordon

  55. Mikah Nunez

    Mikah Nunez2 uur geleden

    Oh ya Donut that's f*cking raw..

  56. AK13

    AK132 uur geleden

    Whole stick of butter? Half?

  57. Daniel Dorsz

    Daniel Dorsz2 uur geleden

    So is it the whole dish ? do you eat it without potatoes or any other normal thing ? I will try it soon but surely you can get bored with just meat and peppers ? Anyone tried it ?

  58. Johnathon Corley

    Johnathon Corley2 uur geleden

    Why did I watch this with the muchies...

  59. J Saunders

    J Saunders3 uur geleden

    There’s a mouse at the front door. At that point you walk out. “It can happen” well at that point it can happen that I don’t care about your menu anymore you’ve for pests living in your premises it’s about time I went to a kebab van or something at least they’re respectable people

  60. Charlies War 56

    Charlies War 563 uur geleden

    I miss my daughter's pushing me like this..

  61. 『almedAT』➐

    『almedAT』➐3 uur geleden

    Imma come back when i have a kitchen

  62. 1 Fitness with Eriko

    1 Fitness with Eriko3 uur geleden

    Love seeing Gordon’s son Jack! He is so polite and respectful. I can see how his mom and dad raised him as a little gentleman! The croissants 🥐 dishes looked so amazing! I’ve been to Paris, and Parisians really love fresh croissants! But as you say, Gordon, good chef waste nothing! That’s an awesome solution!!! Love the concept of crunchy croissants! Thanks for making this video, Gordon! 🙋🏼‍♀️❤️ 🧑‍🍳

  63. Hero Number Two

    Hero Number Two3 uur geleden

    Imagine if the cheesemaker was an owner of a restaurant that was roasted in kitchen nightmares and is out here to get his/her revenge

  64. Tracey Jeanne

    Tracey Jeanne3 uur geleden

    You should put the episode and season number in every caption

  65. Cimelia McArdle

    Cimelia McArdle3 uur geleden

    Is he really going vegan or was that a joke on Twitter?

  66. Ha Imt

    Ha Imt3 uur geleden

    5:04 a small bush the nose

  67. Esteb

    Esteb3 uur geleden

    This guy reminds me of Michael Scott for some odd reason.

  68. King Koo

    King Koo3 uur geleden

    The magical claus phytogeographically hover because probation laparoscopically scrub to a automatic cub. agreeable, spotted advantage

  69. Brandon Barsi

    Brandon Barsi3 uur geleden

    god, why blend it :(

  70. Greg Forse

    Greg Forse3 uur geleden

    Lol this is shot like a Zac Snyder movie

  71. Deborah Martinez

    Deborah Martinez3 uur geleden

    Imagine how many babies fish 🐟 could have been born from that mom!!

  72. john smith

    john smith3 uur geleden

    That looked awesome!

  73. Grace Roberson

    Grace Roberson3 uur geleden

    It's called Hot Sauce For Your Butthole..not your eyeball 😈🤣

  74. Dancingcow 137

    Dancingcow 1373 uur geleden

    The 71 Dislikes are all Vegan teacher Dislike bots

  75. Chris K

    Chris K3 uur geleden

    Owner: I think the Gordon is gonna love the food Gordon: This is not properly cooked Owner: :o

  76. Deborah Martinez

    Deborah Martinez3 uur geleden

    Fun fact: Caviar used to be a common poor people meal in the 1700’s but like it said in the video they were overfished so it became a richer people meal.🐟

  77. Hello Central

    Hello Central3 uur geleden

    What US coin is about the size of a 1 pound coin?

  78. Alby The Great

    Alby The Great3 uur geleden

    Girl: *cries* Me: don't rub your eyes, you'll get chili on it. Girl: enters chili eye rubbing contest Me: oh, so she's used to it.

  79. Peppa Pig

    Peppa Pig3 uur geleden

    hey does anyone know where george went

  80. Midnyte Vega

    Midnyte Vega3 uur geleden

    "Are you ALWAYS THIS PATHETIC?!" "I am not pathetic", he said pathetically